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In our Fischleder Concept Store in Wismar, we have been designing and manufacturing individual jewelery for him and her using traditional goldsmith craftsmanship since 2019. In cooperation with labels that love fish leather, we also curate accessories such as handbags, belts, wallets and shoes.

When you visit the store, you can look over our shoulders in the open workshop as we make our jewelry.

Our jewels

185,00 € – 220,00 €

245,00 € – 1.345,00 €

265,00 € – 1.295,00 €

Cufflinks DOT
€295.00 – €3,345.00


We are committed to zero waste. By using fish skin, a waste product from the food industry, we create sophisticated pieces of jewelry from a material that would otherwise have had no use.

This is an opportunity to use this underestimated raw material in a meaningful way. The economic potential and its sustainability are considerable, because currently only a fraction of the fish skins are processed into leather.

Gold Jewellery

Breathtaking fish leather structures, precious metals, the highest level of craftsmanship.

Silver Jewellery

Clear design language, simple elegance, surprising fish leather.

Fish… what?

The fish skin, which is no longer used in the food industry, is made durable, soft and elastic by tanning.

The texture and smell of the fish leather then resembles well-known types of leather such as cowhide and calfskin. However, the characteristic scale structure remains.